Training facilities

Tailoring workshop

There are 2 tailoring workshops linked to the projects. In the orphanages and in the MIA/ALMA project the trainees are taught by 2 master-tailors to work in a profession so important in Burkina Faso. The girls learn to take patterns and make customised clothing, patchwork and all kinds of tailored garments. They also have to learn to present and sell their products. They offer their products, bags, cushion covers, throws, shirts and dresses at craft fairs and other major events.

Visit our online shop or our boutique to see the range of products. Many of the patchwork quilts are pieces made for the final exams, each one so colourful and unique.

Our trainee girls also attend external evening classes.

On completing their training AMPO offers the girls material support to get them started on the job market. They are given the tools they need to exercise their profession. Many remain closely linked to AMPO and some will find work in our own facilities as educators or nurses. Others set up their own workshops and supply the products we sell in the AMPO boutique or online abroad.


Training kitchen and restaurant

We have a training kitchen on the AMPO premises operating our MAM DUNIA restaurant which is open to the public and offers African and European cuisine.

In the restaurant the girls from the orphanage and from MIA/ALMA are taught to prepare and serve African and European dishes.

Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages and we close early, because it is first and foremost a training facility.

The restaurant has earned a reputation far beyond the city limits for its standard of hygiene and excellent cuisine.

The profits from MAM DUNIA are transferred to our regular account at the end of the year and allocated to the orphanages, except for the reserves which we keep for a rainy day. So when you come to eat with us, you're also doing a good deed.

Shall we reserve you a table?  Tel.: 00226/70 76 15 24. You'll love the food, not to mention the service!

Ausbildung bei AMPO - Schneiderei