BENGA ZAKA - Home for trainees

This new AMPO facility was set up recently as an opprtunity to complete a circle.

Not every boy or rather young adult has the possibility to return to his family after leaving the orphanage. The desire to start an apprenticeship and see it through to completion is nearly the same in every case, but the risk of going off the rails is extremely high for those of no fixed abode or without a sheltered environment.

For this reason we set up BENGA ZAKA - the home for trainees, led by Lamsa Bogni, Director of the AMPO Orphanage for Boys.

The project accommodates up to 8 young men. They are responsible for cleaning the yard, tidying the premises, shopping and cooking. Their training is typically in areas such as healthcare (nursing) or education (teaching).

On completion of their training there are employment opportunities open to them at AMPO.