Become a fundraiser and start your own activity for AMPO:

  • instead of birthday presents ask for donations
  • organise a charity concert in favour of AMPO
  • sell AMPO products at Christmas markets and craft fairs
  • participate in school bazaars with AMPO products
  • sell cakes
  • nominate AMPO for a charity run
  • run a stall for AMPO at the flea-market
  • collect and manage donations in kind
  • collect donations on special occasions
  • when ordering on Amazon use AmazonSmile and select AMPO International e.V. to receive Amazon contributions - at no extra cost
  • start a fundraising campaign on Facebook …
  • decorate your shopfront with AMPO products

Do you have any ideas? Let's talk!

Crafts from Burkina Faso

If you are planning a fundraiser we will provide a selection of products from our range of handicrafts. These are made in our own training workshops, recycled by creative artisans and former AMPO orphans, everything from jewellery to home accessories, useful things for young and old, musical instruments and lots of other colourful products made in Burkina Faso.

These products are available on commission for a particular event or for sale in the long term.

What else can I do?

There are many ways for you to support us. The creativity of our friends and members of AMPO International never ceases to amaze us. Here are a few examples, you can ...

  • become involved in the work of our local office
  • offer translation services
  • organise collection, sorting and packing of donations in kind
  • manage our websites
  • help in the online shop
  • participate in the lives of the children with a work assignment in Burkina Faso and offer practical support to the AMPO staff
  • get together with friends to set up a group of regulars to support AMPO.

We are happy to provide you with flyers, brochures and other information free of charge. AMPO products are available on commission for sale on markets or other events.

It can be so easy to do a good deed - give us a call or pay us a visit and we'll discuss how you can help. Any activity, great or small, is really appreciated