Katrin Rohde


September 2022 - Appointment as Paul Harris Fellow

This award was introduced in 1957 on the initiative of The Rotary Foundation and originally honoured members of Rotary clubs who had made outstanding contributions.

In the meantime, a change in thinking has taken place in Europe. The honour goes to individuals who have distinguished themselves through special service.

In September 2022, Katrin Rohde was appointed Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Jever-Jeverland together with the partner club RC Leuurwarden-Nijehove/NL.


On 31.08.2020 Katrin was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st class

Foto (c) Tom Novak

On 31.08.2020, Katrin Rohde was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class by State Councillor Ms Almut Möller. It was a solemn moment in the Kaisersaal of Hamburg's City Hall that touched everyone present. Mrs Möller's laudation was warm-hearted, and she spoke admiringly of Katrin Rohde's life's work.

His Excellency Ambassador of Burkina Faso Simplice Honoré Guibila took this day as an opportunity to thank Katrin Rohde again for her services in his country.

Afterwards, Katrin Rohde herself gave a blazing speech about the tragic situation in the West African country and asked everyone for help and support. But deep thanks also went to all supporters so far: members of the international associations, donors, foundations.

Even though the hygiene regulations were very high, Katrin Rohde had a venerable day in a venerable atmosphere.


Order of Merit of Burkina Faso

in January 2019 Katrin Rohde received the Order of Merit of Burkina Faso


"officier de l'ordre national de Burkina Faso"

... is the title awarded to the charity AMPO International e.V. (former Sahel e.V.) in Burkina Faso, represented by Katrin Rohde,

This honour is usually awarded on 11th December, the national day of celebration.  In 2017 the celebrations took place in Gaoua, far from Ouagadougou and so the ceremony was held on 5th December 2017 at the presidential palace.

Candidates must be nominated for this award which is the second highest national distinction.

This honour is a confirmation of the work we are doing because it reminds us once more that we have the right projects to support the right people..

Congratulations from all our members, sponsors and friends to Katrin Rohde!


Appointment as Ashoka-Fellow

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Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite Burkinabé

In 2005 Katrin Rohde opened Tondtenga, the organic agricultural college. The opening and the national award led to the nomination for the Swiss initiative "1000 women for the Noble Peace Prize"


Federal German Cross of Merit