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Donation from Weltladen Kuppenheim

"World shop Kuppenheim donates 4000 euros

The "Weltladen St. Sebastian", an institution of the Roman Catholic parish of Vorderes Murgtal in Kuppenheim, made a generous donation of 4000 euros to the aid organisation AMPO International in Berlin at the turn of the year. In a small ceremony, Alexandra Kahles and Angelika Decker from the Weltladen presented a symbolic cheque for this amount to Helmut Timper from the AMPO Circle of Friends, Gaggenau-Selbach.

The beginnings of the World Shop date back to the 1980s. It is a non-profit organisation and has been run mainly by volunteers since it was founded. Its range of goods includes products that are manufactured in developing countries and purchased there at fair prices. Due to its non-profit status, the shop is not allowed to make a profit. Its proceeds are reinvested in the upkeep of the Weltladen. Any remaining surpluses are donated to social projects. This closes a beneficial economic circle in which family-run small producers of local products in poorer countries of the global South and social projects, such as the children's aid organisation AMPO International, Berlin/Ouagadougou, benefit.

AMPO International is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) based in Berlin that runs several orphanages and training centres, a hospital and a

women's shelter project in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso (West Africa), where sick and abandoned women and their children find protection. More than 25 years ago, AMPO in Ouagadougou was developed from very small beginnings by its founder, Katrin Rohde, and made into what it is today, a shelter and home for almost 300 children. The people of Ouagadougou call it the kingdom of the poor. The donation from the Weltladen was very welcome and accepted with great gratitude.

In the course of this campaign, Katrin Rohde will personally present her life's work in a lecture on 13 April 2024 in the St. Sebastianhaus of the Catholic parish of St. Sebastian in Kuppenheim. It's worth coming along to get to know this impressive woman.

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