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Monthly diary

A perspective for Fabrice

One of our young MIA ALMA children left MIA ALMA on Monday 27th September 2021.  Fabrice was born in August 2014 in MIA. His mother left the centre in July 2017 and entrusted him to her aunt, to enable her to complete her training. Unfortunately she became pregnant again.

She felt compelled to bring Fabrice back to MIA ALMA in 2018. Now he is old enough to go to school and we have taken steps to re-instate him in his father’s family. He will now start school with the financial support of MIA ALMA.

Preparing for the coming year

In September 2021 the AMPO/CINE MOBILE team pinpointed ten villages and their schools as part of their awareness programme. The project was presented to the rural community, local mayors, prefects, school directors, facilitators, traditional leaders, etc.

All of those who met the team guaranteed their support and promised to ensure that the activities run smoothly.

From the application to moving into the orphanage

The new intake has arrived! The recruitment procedure has been running since April. Applications submitted to AMPO by parents, tutors, private or public social services were scrutinised by the team of educators. The applicants were then invited to AMPO to provide information about the child’s circumstances, behaviour, school performance and/or work experience. After these preliminary talks the team visited the respective homes to check on the facts.

Since the demand far exceeds supply, we prioritise according to need. Full orphans have priority, followed by semi-orphans and finally special cases. Voluntary participation on the part of the children is important throughout the entire process. Once selected, the children are invited with their relatives to come and find out more about AMPO, its mandate and its rules. Those children who were not selected still benefit since AMPO pays their school fees.

We extend a warm welcome to all the newcomers and look forward to guiding them on their path towards a bright, successful future!


So you see how important the orphanages and especially the school fees are for the children in Burkina Faso. With your donation, you pay for a child to go to school. Remember that you are really buying something with your donation - you are getting a service for your money. If you would like to support the school attendance of children in Burkina Faso, you can donate here:

AMPO Clinic

After a one-month furlough the AMPO Clinic opened its doors once more on 6th September. The staff was happy to be back with their patients waiting longingly for the Clinic to start up again. One of our first patients was Mme Essossiman, a 42-year-old woman who has been ill for more than a year. She did manage to raise the money for the surgical intervention, but she did not have enough to cover pre-operative examinations. When the Clinic opened once more she came and explained her dilemma and was given the funds to meet the cost. She was able to undergo the operation on 30th September.

God bless all our generous donors for the wonderful work which is only possible with their financial support.

Some photos from the AMPO Clinic in September.

Pang La Wende

The good is never lost, as we say at AMPO.

Every day hundreds of people are given support through the various AMPO institutions. Some come back to us to express their thanks. A few weeks ago some members of a group of people with disabilities came to show their appreciation with gifts of chickens and tomatoes. The AMPO Handicap Mobile team had been to their village to repair tricycles, sell spare parts and distribute soap and clothing.

This enabled many people to resume their activities now that their means of transport was operative once more.

Last week little Ornella came with her mother to thank us for her leg prosthesis. She had been bitten by a snake and her leg did not heal, so sadly it had to be amputated to save her life. She worked hard at school and had good results and it was her teacher who approached us to ask for help. It is so gratifying to see how our work affects people’s lives. It is thanks to you, our donors, that your donations change the lives of so many.

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