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AMPO Orphanage for Boys

December brought lots of lovely gifts for AMPO. The Christmas contribution of a group of artists consisted of an evening of storytelling for the children. The stories were about sharing, loving your neighbour and living together in harmony.

The children laughed a lot and learned a lot at the same time. It was a wonderful evening which will certainly remain full of happy memories for a long time to come.

Orphanage for Girls

As in previous years the girls got together with the boys to prepare our Christmas celebrations. They organised bricks to build the crib, cleaned their dorms and the yard and decorated the Christmas tree with garlands, snowballs and tiny presents.

They did all this together with their beloved Mama Tenga (Katrin Rohde) who made sure that everything was as it should be and that everyone had fun.

There was a reading from the Bible and then the children sang “Oh, Christmas tree …“, a Christmas classic which prepared the entry of Father Christmas  who arrived and handed out presents. We sat down to eat after that. This year a traditional dish of atiéké with chicken was on the menu.

We ended the evening with dancing, the children, staff and guests all joining in. A good time was had by all and the children thanked Mama Katrin, their sponsors and the educators for looking after them so well.

On New Year’s eve the girls did their hair beautifully, put on their best dresses and joined the boys


As usual on the 24th of December 2022 the young women from MIA/ALMA joined the children at the orphanages to celebrate Christmas eve. They too received present from Father Christmas and joined in the meal.

The evening ended with dance displays in a wonderful atmosphere. They drove back to the centre and continued celebrating the next day.

AMPO Clinic

Mme Nikiéma has been a widow for 11 years and for the past two years she has been suffering from breast cancer. She has undergone more than 7 sessions of chemotherapy and that, in addition to the tests and the purchase of medication, means she no longer has the financial resources to continue the treatment. She came to AMPO to ask for financial assistance.

After hearing her plight we gave her the cash to buy medication for chemotherapy. She is very touched and never ceases to thank AMPO for all the support she has received.


In December 2022 the AMPO Cinémobile team conducted a review of the awareness activities they had carried out with the contact persons in ten villages in the Samba region.

The contact persons reported that they were happy with the activities which provided the local population with a great deal of useful information.

After the meeting with our contacts there was another review session with the Vice President of the Special Delegation of the Samba Community in the Passoré Province.

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