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- Annual medical check-up for children in the AMPO orphanages -

According to WHO, health is a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing and not only the absence of illness or infirmity. This is something that AMPO took on board a long time ago, which is why all children undergo a thorough medical examination on their return from the school holidays. The children are tested in each medical department, from general medicine to specialist departments like ophthalmology, dentistry, gyneacology, etc. Additional tests are carried out as required.

This time there were no signs of serous illness. The children have been taught the important role of hygiene to stay healthy. Their slogan is: I’m looking after my health!


The young women being trained at TondTenga (TT) are grateful to Dr. Ute Leifert for financing their individual production projects. Many of these women are displaced persons having left everything behind in their villages, fleeing from terrorist attacks and finding refuge at TondTenga.

Since December 2021 they have been acquiring technical and professional know-how to enable them to work in areas like agriculture, animal farming and the environment. Thanks to their training they have practical skills in raising mother animals and fatlings of cattle, sheep and pigs, poultry breeding, vegetable farming and cultivation of fruit trees.

When Dr. Leifert visited TT the young women talked to her about their wishes for the future. She promised to help them. We were thrilled to discover a few weeks later that she came up with funds to finance various individual projects on completion of their training.

This means that when they return home, the women can fully exploit their new skills. Their wish is to successfully carry out  a variety of projects, with fulll accountability to AMPO  to assess the status and sustainability of their local activities. The young women are grateful to AMPO and the FDEE for giving them this training opportunity.


A 15-year-old girl living in Ouagadougou was admitted to the Clinic. She came to the surgery with severely inflamed ringworm on her scalp which she had had for eight years. Apparently she had become infected at school. After various treatments in other medical centres there was no sign of improvement. A neighbour told her about AMPO and her mother brought her for consultation. She received the proper treatment and three weeks later she was cured. Her mother was given the necessary advice on hygiene. The girl and her mother are now happy and grateful to the entire AMPO team.

Here are some photos of the treatment and the healthy scalp of the girl. For ethical reasons we do not publish images of the inflamed area prior to treatment.


In February this year the young women at MIA/ALMA resumed their sports activities, soccer in particular with "Reine Baongo", MIA/ALMA’s own team. Sport not only benefits the physical fitness of the girls, it also contributes to their mental balance. Apart from that, it’s a lot of fun!

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