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To help the children perform well in school we introduced learning groups at the orphanages. In the groups the children are able to help each other with homework and revise what they’ve learned at school, aided by the older children or the educators.

The learning groups meet in the afternoons for each school grade at least three times a week. The groups target mainly those with upcoming exams, i.e. children in classes 6, 10 and 13, but also the older ones in classes 11 and 12. The educators are able to prepare the children well for school and help them to succeed.


At the end of March the social workers at MIA/ALMA organised a home visit for one of the young women at this facility. Activities like this are always in the planning and the aim is to maintain contact between the girls and their families, resolving conflict and bringing about inclusion into the families once again. The young woman in question was referred to the AMPO refuge by a correctional facility in Burkina Faso.

Together with the social workers from MIA/ALMA she was welcomed by her family. Her parents were very happy with the visit and expressed their profound gratitude. They are particularly pleased that their daughter is being well looked after and now has the possibility to pursue a training course.


We were contacted recently by a lung specialist who asked for financial support for one of his patients. Her name is Marie, she is a widow, 55 years old, and has been in the pneumology department of Yalgado Hospital for one month. She did not have the financial means to continue paying for oxygen and medical examinations. Marie is suffering from a respiratory illness and is dependent on oxygen. A team from the AMPO Clinic went to visit her and gave her the money she needed for treatment.

The patient and her family are very grateful to the AMPO staff for their support.

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