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Presentations in March

At the beginning of March Ute Krüger and Britta Sacadati were able to report on their trip to Burkina Faso and their visit to the AMPO facilities. The event took place at the premises of the  Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Berolina eG. Berolina has been supporting AMPO in its work for many years. With lots of photos and some video material they talked about the various impressions they gathered on the trip in January. Burkina Faso has changed, but sadly not for the better. The risk of terrorist activity is on the increase and as a result the entire country is plagued with more violence leading to even more poverty. The colleagues started with some photographs illustrating the extreme poverty and pollution which can be seen throughout the country. In the middle of all this AMPO appears as an oasis of peace and order. The AMPO facilities are striving to deal with the current situation and ensure a better future for many adults and children. In spite of the circumstances we continue to believe in AMPO and the work our colleagues in Burkina Faso are doing every day.  

This presentation was repeated at the premises of the AHK Pflegeteam Berlin GmbH at the end of March. The audience was made up of some of the members of the team of carers and other guests who are interested in the work of AMPO. If you missed our travel diary, we will be posting it shortly on YouTube.

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