Where can you buy the beautiful patchwork products?

Flyer number 2

There are two possibilities!
They are made in our MIA/ALMA project. Young women who have been rejected and/or abused receive training in this project, e.g. as seamstresses.
You can buy them there and/or directly from AMPO, where you will also find the Mam Dunia restaurant.
If you are not in Ouaga, there is a second option, namely to buy them from our office in Berlin.
No matter where you are, come and visit us!

AMPO does a good job on site

Small flyers have been produced for individual projects to draw attention to the projects and products. We would like to introduce you to the projects over the next few months, starting with AMPO's wonderful restaurant "Mam Dunia".

And the Bundeswehr helped again!

Recently, the Stella-Maris Catholic Primary School in Bremerhaven donated a number of school desks and chairs. Too much for AMPO, so AMPO passed the donation on to a school about 40 kilometres from Ouagadougou. But how to get there?

1st starting signal: Hand in hand against skills shortage

With 2 strong partners at our side, we were able to hold the first intensive and concrete discussions. Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Berolina, represented by Mr Frank Schrecker (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), agreed to provide accommodation for trainees in the future. And AHK Pflegeteam GmbH, represented by Managing Director Andreas Kröger, is of course also urgently looking for trainees and is ready to help with all the bureaucratic challenges.

We are delighted that we have been able to open the first doors with this concept and are pleased about these constructive discussions!

German Hour on Radio Horizon, Ouagadougou

Jeden Sonntag um 10 Uhr lädt „Valentin Der Bayer“ zur Deutschen Stunde im Radio Horizon, Ouagadougou ein. Am 28. Januar war Katrin zu Gast und berichtete über die Arbeit und

Every Sunday at 10 a.m., "Valentin Der Bayer" invites you to the German Hour on Radio Horizon, Ouagadougou. On 28 January, Katrin was a guest and reported on the work and facilities of AMPO. The result was an interesting interview in which many questions were answered.

Have a listen!

You can also find it on our youtube channel:

Impressions from the orphanages

What does a Sunday at the orphanages look like? We show you a few short videos, lovingly commented by Katrin Rohde. Come with us ...

Are you familiar with the "Spare Cents Initiative"?

Are you familiar with the "Spare Cents Initiative"?

Employees of a company voluntarily donate the cent amounts after the decimal point from their net salary each month. In our case, the law firm BRL BOEGE ROHDE LUEBBEHUESEN in Hamburg even tripled the sums received.

A very simple way of helping that doesn't hurt.

Donation from Weltladen Kuppenheim

A wonderful initiative by the Weltladen St. Sebastian and our member Helmut Timper.

This campaign also draws attention to the event on 13 April 2024 in Kuppenheim. Katrin Rohde will be a guest there and talk about her life and the project. ...Press release

There's always something going on at AMPO!

The graduation ceremony at the TondTenga organic training farm took place in mid-December. 68 girls and boys successfully graduated.

It is a tradition that this graduation is celebrated in a big way. High-ranking representatives are therefore invited, including a delegation from Luxembourg based in Ouaga. The Luxembourg Foundation FDEE finances this wonderful project.

The well-known Burkinabe singer Don Sharp de Batoro provided the entertainment with his new song "Show your flag high"

German Armed Forces at AMPO

Yesterday AMPO had a visit from some soldiers of the German Armed Forces who are stationed in Ouaga. Their task is to provide support in training programmes such as electrician or construction.

The contact came about through the former AMPO child DONDASSE, Aziz, who has been serving in the Burkinabe army for years.

And the soldiers did not come empty-handed. They brought gifts as well as a cash donation for food.

Apparently it was an exciting visit for everyone.

Beautiful photos were taken!

In silent memory

Shortly before Christmas, we received sad news from AMPO in Ouagadougou.

Souleymane Nana, also affectionately known as Chouchou, passed away on 12 December 2023 after a long and serious illness.

Chouchou was the director of the women's shelter MIA/ALMA for many years.

In his younger years, he himself slipped into the red light milieu of Ouagadougou. Then he met Katrin Rohde and changed sides.

He protected the young women like a lion because he knew exactly what had happened to some of them. He freed many young women from prostitution and gave them a new perspective in life.

During our trips to Ouagadougou, we also always felt that he was a guardian angel. He never left our side and organised our wonderful stays.

Today, Chouchou will be buried in his home village. The AMPO team will pay their last respects to him.

We mourn with his family and AMPO on site.

Farewell, dear Chouchou, we will not forget you!

UNESCO project school

The Bad Zwischenahn-Endewecht Gymnasium is a UNESCO project school and gave birth to the Förderverein für Schulpartnerschaften in Entwicklungsländern e.V. (Association for the Promotion of School Partnerships in Developing Countries).

In September this year, the Gymnasium organised a charity run in aid of AMPO to mark an anniversary.

And now we have received the donation. A total of €15,000 has been raised!

Thank you to all the students and teachers for the organisation and the opportunity to give a presentation.

It was an unforgettable stay!