In silent memory

Shortly before Christmas, we received sad news from AMPO in Ouagadougou.

Souleymane Nana, also affectionately known as Chouchou, passed away on 12 December 2023 after a long and serious illness.

Chouchou was the director of the women's shelter MIA/ALMA for many years.

In his younger years, he himself slipped into the red light milieu of Ouagadougou. Then he met Katrin Rohde and changed sides.

He protected the young women like a lion because he knew exactly what had happened to some of them. He freed many young women from prostitution and gave them a new perspective in life.

During our trips to Ouagadougou, we also always felt that he was a guardian angel. He never left our side and organised our wonderful stays.

Today, Chouchou will be buried in his home village. The AMPO team will pay their last respects to him.

We mourn with his family and AMPO on site.

Farewell, dear Chouchou, we will not forget you!

UNESCO project school

The Bad Zwischenahn-Endewecht Gymnasium is a UNESCO project school and gave birth to the Förderverein für Schulpartnerschaften in Entwicklungsländern e.V. (Association for the Promotion of School Partnerships in Developing Countries).

In September this year, the Gymnasium organised a charity run in aid of AMPO to mark an anniversary.

And now we have received the donation. A total of €15,000 has been raised!

Thank you to all the students and teachers for the organisation and the opportunity to give a presentation.

It was an unforgettable stay!

Successful integration

The NDR SH will report on Aboulaye Kabore, a former AMPO child, in the media centre on 05.12.2023 at 19:30.

Abdoulaye originally worked in the catering industry in Kiel and became unemployed due to coronavirus. He successfully retrained as a carer and passed his final exam with flying colours.

NDR reported on his life back in January 2023. Now a sequel follows with the title "Successful integration using the example of Abdoulaye Kabore"

Congratulations, dear Abdoulaye!

Fight against breast cancer

In collaboration with The DEAR Foundation Switzerland, AMPO is also fighting breast cancer in rural areas of Burkina Faso. A total of 1,631 women were reached at 18 film screenings and a wide distribution of flyers. 16 women were immediately referred to the gynaecology department of the AMPO infirmary.

Through these media, the women learn to palpate their breasts themselves.

Table football

In July of this year, we spontaneously collected donations for new kicker tables in the orphanages as part of our summer party in Berlin.

During our trip in January, we realised that the old ones really couldn't be played on anymore.

We quickly raised the money from our visitors. The tables were bought locally and now there is one for the girls and one for the boys.

The matches can begin!

Successful weekend

Our first Christmas markets are behind us. Both in Travemünde and in Herne, our dear members were able to sell a lot of the products from Burkina Faso and AMPO, raising a handsome sum.

Now, of course, we hope that we will be able to keep up next weekend in Hamburg, Berlin and Preetz!

The container has arrived!

We are always delighted when we can show you that your donations have arrived. This time it's your donations in kind. The container left the port of Hamburg at the beginning of September. Burkina Faso itself has no access to the sea, which is why it is transported by rail from the capital of Togo, Lomé, to Ouagadougou - and there it remains in customs for the time being.

But now it has arrived at AMPO!

Now every helping hand is needed to unpack it.

Siamese twins

Siamese twins were referred to the AMPO rehabilitation centre again today. This is the second time that maternity clinics have referred the mothers to AMPO, as the clinic has the best hygienic conditions.

What happens next?

The mother now has the opportunity to stay in the clinic with her children for 3 months. Then they will hopefully be successfully separated at the Charles de Gaulle Children's Hospital.

And even after the operation, AMPO will continue to look after the family until they have coped well with the consequences of the operation and can go home.

You can see the relief of the mother, who would not have been able to finance medical treatment for the children without the help of AMPO.

Welcome LOMPO Hamadou!

We have a new member in the AMPO family in Ouagadougou. Of course, we are sad that Marthe Sanaogo, who has been with us for many years, has decided to take a new path in her life. But now we are all the more looking forward to working with Hamadou.

He is a student of German studies, president of a provincial association and an active member of the German Club at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University.

Hamadou knows the needs of orphans, having grown up as a half-orphan himself.

We wish him the best of luck in his new role and are delighted that Director General Dénis Yameogo will soon have a new, powerful supporter at his side.

Katrin Rohde in New York

From 05.11. to 09.11. Katrin Rohde travelled across the Atlantic to introduce AMPO students from Fordham University. They have set themselves the task of making AMPO better known in the USA and developing a marketing strategy for the Katrin Rohde Foundation there.

Katrin was impressed by the professionalism of the presentations.

We would like to thank all sponsors and the initiator of the trip. In co-operation with Fordham University, we are now trying to fill the Katrin Rohde Foundation with life.

AMPO in Berlin and members' meeting in Hamburg!

At this year's general meeting, we realised just how important direct dialogue is. Lively discussions, the presentation of new projects, a report on the situation in Burkina Faso by Katrin Rohde and the board elections made the afternoon interesting and exciting.

Unfortunately, we were unable to welcome our guests from Burkina Faso, Dénis Yameogo (Director General) and Olivier Bado (Director of Tondtenga) in Hamburg, but they did come to Berlin.

And here, too, the talks were important, because we know far too little about the current situation in the country. We learnt that the political situation is not affecting the AMPO projects. However, the inflation rate is rising and so are food prices. We have to try to compensate for this.

It was a wonderful and interesting few days!

Monthly diary

To help the children perform well in school we introduced learning groups at the orphanages. In the groups the children are able to help each other with homework and revise what they’ve learned at school, aided by the older children or the educators.