Review Events

We say thank you!

Dr Bernhard Geiselmann invited us to report on AMPO as part of his own exhibition "In Focus: Burkina Faso". He has been processing his impressions of Burkina Faso in pictures for many years.

The location was provided by Café Möca in the Möckern neighbourhood in Berlin.

After a short introduction, we reported on our own impressions that we were able to gather exactly one year ago.

It was a nice combination and we were pleased to welcome interested visitors.

If you are interested in Dr Geiselmann's pictures or a presentation, please contact our office.

Glück auf der ganzen Linie … Nach etlichen Regentagen, hatten wir am 07.07. wunderschönes Wetter. So konnten wir für unser Fest auch draußen mit einplanen, und endlich kam mal unser wunderbares Tresenfenster zur Geltung.