Our aim is to provide a secure life for children, young people and adults and to build with them perspectives for living in their own country. We provide means for young people in need, children, young adults and socially marginalised groups, specifically in support of the projects set up by Katrin Rohde. These projects work entirely on the principle of capacity building, help for self-help.

See our Statutes for further details.

Further information about the charity

Members of staff and decision-makers are listed here.
AMPO international e.V. has no corporate affiliations with third parties.
Detailed information concerning our activities, source and application of funds is contained in our Annual Report.
AMPO International e.V. has no names of legal entities whose annual payments exceed 10% of the total annual budget.

Tax concessions

In accordance with the latest notice of exemption we received from Finanzamt Berlin (Steuernummer 27/660/66527) dated 11.11.2022 pursuant to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 Körperschaftsteuergesetz (Corporate Income Tax Act) our work is exempt from corporate income tax on account of promoting welfare, in particular the purposes of officially recognised charitable organisations, our sectoral associations and our associated facilities and institutions.

Name, registered office and address

AMPO international e.V.

Blücherstraße 41
10961 Berlin

Contact: Ute Krüger
Tel.: +49 30 6416 5504

Registered office: Hamburg
Established: 1997 as Namen Sahel e.V.
Further information on change of name is available on Vereinsregisterauszug .