Who we are

The purpose of our Association is to support the facilities of AMPO, Association Managré Nooma pour la protection des orphelins (Association for the protection of orphans) in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. We assist children who are orphans or half-orphans, offering them protection, food, accommodation, schooling and psychological support. Another AMPO facility is there to assist young women who have been driven out of their villages, providing them with a fresh start and enabling them to lead independent lives. Our mission is therefore to promote education, integration, courage and strength towards a life of self-determination.

The aim of the Association is also to allow access for as many people as possible to medical and health support, by offering free treatment and medication to the poorest of the poor at our AMPO Clinic.

In supporting the various facilities our goal is to counteract a refugee movement which is driving people towards a future without dignity. Our aim is to show them the prospects available in their own country  and to offer them assistance. The children especially are the future of this country. ...Mission statement

AMPO Facilities

A child can become anything, but only if it can first be a child. Sponsor a child

AMPO Orphanages

Refuge for abandoned girls

AMPO - Social Services

Agricultural college and organic farm

Training kitchen and restaurant

Wheelchair project

Mobile wheelchair project

AMPO Clinic

Training facilities

Association of former AMPO children